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Austin Thurnau

The Holistic Health Approach

We’re going to team up using a holistic health approach by understanding the whole-body relationship between the mind, body, and soul using positive behavior change, unwavering support and encouragement, ongoing consulting and coaching to serve YOUR specific needs and goals. Workouts will provide unique and science-based methods where you can consistently work through the plateaus and start your fitness journey.

TRAINING TIP: “Take a slow and controlled approach to each rep on the eccentric part of the exercise to increase the intensity and burn of the muscle.  A great phrase I say is that “there is positive in the negative” meaning that there is great benefit in slowing down your rep when you are lowering your weight back to its origin point.”


  • National Federation of Personal Training Certification
  • Camp Gladiator Franchise Owner and & Group Fitness Instructor
  • Camp Gladiator NEXT Certification
  • Diverse coaching portfolio (youth, older adults, pregnancy, diabetes, and arthritis)
  • 2+ years’ experience in personal training


“Keep your body moving! The human body is an incredibly unique organism that works best when it’s active. Our bodies were truly made to move! Keeping our bodies moving is part of the holistic approach for keeping our bodies healthy.”

Favorite Exercise: Drag Curls

“A unique and different way to work and contract the biceps without allowing momentum to take over the rep. It also allows the biceps to do most of the work on the way up as the grip and form of the drag curl takes the forearms out of the picture”

Robbin Tran

Robbin Tran

Fitness and Wellness Director