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Jack Conkle

Strength, Hypertrophy & Functional Movement Training

Mobility without stability is just flexibility. Flexibility is important, but being able to reach functional positions with a stable base and proper form is the key to healthy movement.

TRAINING TIP: “Form matters more than weight! Proper form and technique is the best way to avoid injury, even at lighter weights.”


  • Bachelor of Exercise Science
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Basic Life Support Certified
  • Student Physical Therapist
  • Experienced lifter of 7 years


Training at a proper intensity is hard to do. Reaching the upper limits of what a person can do can be nerve racking, but is integral for progress. Upper limits are not the same in every person, and being humble and asking for help or motivation helps you reach those limits even faster (and is much safer).

Favorite Exercise: Squats

Robbin Tran

Robbin Tran

Fitness and Wellness Director