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We provide customized training plans to fit your body, lifestyle, and budget. Rates starting under $30 per session! Ask about our new member specials. 

Register here and call Virginia Lill, JCC Fitness & Wellness Director at (512) 735-8224 or to schedule an appointment.

"Fitness is a journey that looks different for everyone. After many years of sustained injuries and a recent battle (and win!) against thyroid cancer, I know how important it is to feel supported by your partners in health. We want to be your partners every step and squat along the way – it just begins with your decision to start."

Not sure which trainer is right for you? Give me a call at (512) 735-8224 or send me an email and I'll help you figure out who would be the perfect fit.

Virginia Lill
JCC Fitness & Wellness Director

Personal Trainers


Matt Potter
Restoration & Muscular Conditioning

Have muscular weakness or joint problems? No Problem! Safely reduce or prevent pain and discomfort using personalized exercises that target weak muscles, poor posture, or limited flexibility. Restore your body, shape your muscles, and achieve strength the right way.

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Angie Huston
Training Beyond the Gym

Finally find the secret for goal-crushing success that makes sense to you, your body and your lifestyle! Adopt new workout ideas and wellness tactics to creatively work past challenges, setbacks and constraints to get you back on track to stay on track. Workouts offer endless variety for building strength, endurance and confidence in your fitness routine and beyond.

DJ Olsson
Forever Fit

“Fifty Plus and Fabulous” is my mantra because fitness has no age limit! Combining functional training methods with strength training, mixed with high intensity intervals, balance drills and flexibility techniques, your forever fitness needs are covered.


Stephen A. Connally
Strong for Life

Attain whole-body strength with varied weight-lifting and resistance training routines designed to target muscles individually or in groups. By using a systematic approach to training the body, workouts focus on the quality and quantity of movement, bringing you to feeling and looking like the best version of you.

 Burton C. Turner
Tabata Training
for Runners

Crack the code to increasing speed with this proven method of interval training. 
Sessions focus beyond logging mileage to drill down to the root of performance, using Tabata intervals for cross-training and global pull/push strength exercises. Personal record times include a 2:19 marathon and a 4:06 mile.


 Tracy Gallaway
Mind, Body,
Soul & Spine

Offering inspiration and motivation with a strong emphasizes on core training and alleviation of back pain. Learn how to cultivate a combination of physical and mental techniques to meet your fitness goals for life-lasting results and become one with your mind and body.

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 Angie Raizis
Functional & Core Training on the BOSU for Better Balance

Achieve better posture, balance, strength and endurance all at once with unique training techniques and tools, including a BOSU ball. Exercises focus on training multiple muscle groups together in order to increase core strength and improve coordination for whole-body stability, leaving you feeling strong and confident at the end of each workout.


 Virginia Lill
Rapid Results with HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, increases endurance and boosts fat loss faster than most other forms of exercise. Even beginners and clients with low-impact needs can benefit from alternating periods of exercise and rest to achieve results in 30 minutes or less.

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Crissie Hawkins
Strong Moms: 
Tone & Tighten

Harness hormones, destress, and say goodbye to menopausal belly and mom jeans! Learn basic to advanced strength training routines specifically designed for women – tone muscle and burn fat in all those places it won’t seem to budge, increase energy and endurance, clear mental fog, and improve sleep quality and mood for a healthier, happier, stronger you.


Lulu Lopez Goodman
Move Better with
Yoga & Functional Movement

Combining yoga and functional movement can be a powerful tactic to gaining flexibility while building strength; learn
 the ways to creatively and systematically strengthen and stretch, stabilize and mobilize, unwind and unbind your body to feel and move better for everyday life activities, personal practice or performance.


Chelsea Hanson
Kettlebells & TRX for Total Body Conditioning

Strengthen your entire body from the core using kettlebells and TRX straps. Learn how to properly use this functional equipment to maximize and enjoy your time in the gym, build strength and increase overall energy and stamina.



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